Do you think there's anyone on RMC or Juvenil A who can replace Jese? Also, any predictions on promotions?

he’s such a great talent that will be very hard to replace. I dont think there is anyone inside our academy system that who would doing it properly right now.

After Florentino’s speech last nigh, there is a lot of hope for him staying. He said it’ll be to the discretion of the new coach and Zidane.

What do you think about the story that an Infantil in Sevilla's cantera was kicked out for negotiating with Real Madrid?

I dont know anything about that. If it’s true that’s a disgraceful move on their part.

You mentioned that you believe that Castilla will buy to replenish the squad after our wingers leave. Who would you like to see us buy? Also, how well is Benevente playing this season?

I have no one in particular in mind, and I have no idea how much the club will be willing to pay and what approach they will follow. Someone talented, someone as backup or someone older? Who knows.

Cristian has been out and about, I think he was injured for a bit and then he was out with the lower categories of his NT for the Sudamericano and then the senior NT I believe. I don’t know much about what he’s been up to playing-wise this season.

With Carvajal coming back next season.. we will be good at RB position with Arbeloa as back up and more secure and experienced in defense. How do you sum up Essien's season? I think he did pretty well.. especially against Barcelona and Champion's league games. thoughts on signing essien for next season as he will be a free agent next season anyway.

I think Essien’s had a good season and excelled when the team has needed him, especially when playing full back, which isnt even his normal position.

I havent heard anything about this, but I wouldnt be surprised if the team signs me for next year, and I think it might be a good call especially if he is a free agent.

I don't put your beloved children in the team? Correct." what do you make of this quote by mou once again insulting the cantera?

I haven’t seen the interview to understand the context and honestly from the little I have gathered regarding the topic and tone of the interview I think I will pass on this one. I care about actions more than words.

Castilla will have huge problem in wings area.. with Denis, Juanfran leaving and Jese being promoted or for a buy-back clausy. Quini looked good to me. Are there any young talents who play in wings from RMC and Juvenil A? Benavente is one.. but I see him as a CAM more suitably.

Borja can play at the wing, Belima might make appearances with Castilla, but in general I think we will get someone from the market.

Yeah, Benavente is much more of a MF sort of player.

any news about jese situation?do you think he will get promoted and get new contract if mourinho leaves at the summer?

No, as it looks, he will be leaving this summer.

what do you think about Alvaro Lopez?

Good player with leadership qualities, but I do think he lacks in the creativity department. Although reliable, can be a tough when need to be in defense and a very funny person.

what is going on with Alex???

this is a great question, personally I think something happened and it goes beyond performance and what we have seen on the pitch. I will talk to a few people once the season is over and see what’s up.

what is happening to jese at the moment? hes not getting callups to the national team

he is with the U-20 these days.